iXRPL (Self-KYC dApp) Video Demo

Today we uploaded a video demo of our Self-KYC dApp, iXRPL. iXRPL is a proof-of-concept for an “on-chain”, GDPR-compliant, Self-KYC solution powered by HotPocket. It tokenises the fact an XRP Ledger Account is controlled by a verified identity, turning the verification into a reusable asset. Any participating business can then perform KYC activities on theirContinue reading “iXRPL (Self-KYC dApp) Video Demo”

Digital Cows: Tokenising Interests in Australian Cattle

Today we publish our Issues Paper on Digital Cows: Tokenising Interests in Australian Cattle. Properly functioning cattle markets are important to Australia as the world’s second largest exporter of beef. Physical cattle markets have costs and inefficiencies that digital, tokenised markets would probably avoid. Blockchain and smart contracts might be able to leverage Australia’s existingContinue reading “Digital Cows: Tokenising Interests in Australian Cattle”

Tokenising Digital Identity: Exploring the Promise of Blockchain-based KYC Solutions

Today we published our Issues Paper on Tokenising Digital Identity: Exploring the Promise of Blockchain-based KYC Solutions. Know Your Customer (KYC) is a very specific identity problem governed by specific laws, regulations, and standards. These rules cost financial institutions and customers in time, money, and inconvenience. Banks are at risk of prosecution. Individuals risk invasionContinue reading “Tokenising Digital Identity: Exploring the Promise of Blockchain-based KYC Solutions”

The Sashimono Daemon

HotPocket is a UNL consensus engine that converts Linux machines into mini-blockchains. Coordinating the roll out of HotPocket dApp currently requires manual set up and is inherently centralising. Sashimono is a daemon that enables the decentralised deployment and management of HotPocket clusters “in the wild” from any layer 1 infrastructure. Today we are publishing ourContinue reading “The Sashimono Daemon”

Oops! – We Invented a dApp Engine

HotPocket is a blockchain-agnostic dApp engine. It converts any number of linux machines into a mini-blockchain. It provides maximum flexibility as to scale, language, and functionality. A funny thing happened on our way to tokenising digital identity: we invented a new smart contract platform. When we started Lex Automagica, we planned on using the technologyContinue reading “Oops! – We Invented a dApp Engine”

The Lex Automagica Project Explained

We Need A New Technology Platform to Truly Scale Justice. Maybe Blockchain and Smart Contracts Are The Answer. Let’s Find Out By Trying To Build Real Solutions to Real Problems. Many people have predicted – even hoped – technology would upend the legal system and traditional law firms, and so improve the law and enhanceContinue reading “The Lex Automagica Project Explained”