iXRPL (Self-KYC dApp) Video Demo

Today we uploaded a video demo of our Self-KYC dApp, iXRPL.

iXRPL is a proof-of-concept for an “on-chain”, GDPR-compliant, Self-KYC solution powered by HotPocket. It tokenises the fact an XRP Ledger Account is controlled by a verified identity, turning the verification into a reusable asset. Any participating business can then perform KYC activities on their customer’s XRPL accounts. Figure 1 gives an overview of its structure.

Figure 1 – iXRPL Overview

All personal information and documents are securely stored through end-to-end encryption. Users always retain full control over the encryption keys to ensure the security and ownership of their personal documents.

A white paper that better describes the technical details and how all the encryption works will follow soon.

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