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My name is Scott Chamberlain. Since graduating in 1990, I’ve been a lawyer, legal entrepreneur, lobbyist, and policy adviser. Now, I’m an academic.

My formal title is Entrepreneurial Fellow, ANU College of Law. I research and teach in the areas of blockchain, smart contracts, and the impact of technology on law and legal practice. My work is funded through Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (Thank you, Ripple!).

I call my research the Lex Automagica Project. It asks whether and how blockchain, smart contracts, and AI can benefit society by automating legal relationships. In conjunction with some very smart programmers, I pick an area of legal friction and see if we can use technology to solve it. I’ve created this blog as my outlet for publishing my research outputs and thoughts.

I also teach two courses: Blockchain and Legal Innovation I and Blockchain and Legal Innovation II. I use these to teach everything I learn through my research. The first course is all about “the law” of blockchains. In the second course, I help students develop their own legal blockchain project.

I live in Canberra, Australia. I’m a single dad to two gorgeous girls. Their mother, Mel, passed away from breast cancer in 2016, but her spirit lives on in the cancer-cure research of Dr Sudha Rao, which she championed before her death.

Please reach out if any what we are doing at the ANU interests you.

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