Our Research Projects


HotPocket is a UNL (unique node list) consensus engine that converts any number of Linux machines into a mini-blockchain capable of cheaply and speedily running any dApp in any language at almost any scale in concert with almost any chain, including the XRP Ledger.


Sashimono (named after the Japanese woodworking technique for building without nails or visible joins) is a daemon that makes it as easy as possible to spin up a “layer 2” network of HotPocket nodes coordinated from layer 1 infrastructure, like XRPL multi-sig accounts or XRPL Hooks.


We propose a project called Evernode to bring “layer 2” smart contracts to the XRP Ledger. It leverages our HotPocket plus the proposed Hooks amendment – small pieces of code that allow XRPL Accounts to function as “lite smart contracts” – to create a global, permissionless, decentralised network of nodes designed and incentivised to cheaply and speedily run any dApp in any language at any scale on the XRP Ledger.


iXRPL is a proof-of-concept for an “on-chain”, GDPR-compliant, Self-KYC solution powered by HotPocket. It tokenises the fact an XRP Ledger Account is controlled by a verified identity, turning the verification into a reusable asset. Any participating business can then perform KYC activities on their customer’s XRPL accounts. All personal information and documents are securely stored through end-to-end encryption. Users always retain full control over the encryption keys to ensure the security and ownership of their personal documents.

Digital Cows

Australia has well-developed quality control regulations and biosecurity protections for its cattle industry, including RFID ear tags to track individual cows. This project explores whether and to what extent this infrastructure can be leveraged through blockchains and smart contracts to provide a 24/7/365 digital market for trading interests in cows.


White Paper

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