Digital Cows: Tokenising Interests in Australian Cattle

Today we publish our Issues Paper on Digital Cows: Tokenising Interests in Australian Cattle.

Properly functioning cattle markets are important to Australia as the world’s second largest exporter of beef.

Physical cattle markets have costs and inefficiencies that digital, tokenised markets would probably avoid.

Blockchain and smart contracts might be able to leverage Australia’s existing regulatory systems to tokenise interests in cattle and create a 24/7/365 market for trading interests in cattle.

In our paper, we outline the key elements and challenges of any blockchain and smart contract solution that seeks to tokenise interests in living creatures.

We have completed a proof-of-concept using our HotPocket consensus engine. A white paper and demo video will be published soon.

If a 24/7/365 blockchain-based cattle market is of interest to you, get in touch

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