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Blockchain Law and Governance: The Rise of Clockwork Societies

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Putting First Nations Artists First

Can NFTs and Smart Contracts Allow First Nations Artists to Better Protect and Monetise Their Work? Our next Lex Automagica project is “Putting First Nations Artists First” a collaboration between the ANU School of Law and the ANU First Nations Innovation Hub. It aims to determine whether NFTs and Smart Contracts can be a viable…

The Tulip Trading Timebomb: The Quest for $4bn in Lost Bitcoin that Could Destroy Crypto

The UK Court of Appeal’s recent decision in Tulip Trading Limited v Van Der Laan & Ors [2023] EWCA Civ 83 is a first, dangerous step towards answering one of the major unresolved legal problems facing blockchain ecosystems: what is a blockchain and what legal rights and obligations exist between its various participants? To participate…

Self-Replicating “Nomad” Smart Contract

Recently, our Evernode project reached a wee milestone: a stable 20 node global cluster running a self-replicating “nomad” contract. Here’s a 10-minute demo… The left hand panel shows the 20 node global cluster and all the Hook activity. The right hand panel shows the replicator contract growing from 0 nodes to 20 nodes, after which…

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