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Blockchain Law and Governance: The Rise of Clockwork Societies

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Self-Replicating “Nomad” Smart Contract

Recently, our Evernode project reached a wee milestone: a stable 20 node global cluster running a self-replicating “nomad” contract. Here’s a 10-minute demo… The left hand panel shows the 20 node global cluster and all the Hook activity. The right hand panel shows the replicator contract growing from 0 nodes to 20 nodes, after whichContinue reading “Self-Replicating “Nomad” Smart Contract”

Australian Senate Serious About Digital Assets

On 27 August, I gave evidence before the Australian Senate’s Select Committee on Australia as a Technology and Financial Centre (transcript here). In concert, blockchain, digital assets and smart contracts can deliver guaranteed outcomes participants can live with, instead of perfected rights no one can enforce. These benefits best come – if at all –Continue reading “Australian Senate Serious About Digital Assets”

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US Infrastructure Bill a Case Study In Hub-and-Spoke vs P2P

According to reports, the US government is proposing a law as part of its Infrastructure Bill that would expand the definition of a “broker” to include “any person who (for consideration) is responsible for and regularly provides any service effectuating transfers of digital assets.” Brokers Must Spy on Their Clients In the US, brokers areContinue reading “US Infrastructure Bill a Case Study In Hub-and-Spoke vs P2P”

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